We Need your support!  

Email the Governor to support Transit Village in North Brunswick


Arriving at the Future.
Now that J&J is gone, what will North Brunswick look like in 50 or 100 years?

It is important that YOUR voice be heard! Let Governor Christie and his administration know that you support the redevelopment of the Johnson and Johnson tract into a train station and an authentic new North Brunswick town center, often referred to as a Transit Village.

The State of New Jersey needs to invest our tax dollars into transit infrastructure that helps get commuters off the roads, stops suburban sprawl, stops global warming and treats our environment with respect. Smart land-use planning for the future is what we must do to change the unsustainable patterns of the past. We need to change the way we live to sustain a quality of life for future generations. This proposal is an opportunity to create the first new sustainable American town center to be built for the way we must live in the 21st century.

The North Brunswick Transit Village will:

We need to let the Governor’s Office know that we want to make this project happen.

We Need your support!